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Pressure Points In Your Feet – Chart And Videos

Foot pressure pointsThose of you who were lucky enough to be recipients of  gift certificates for a massage, especially a foot massage, will find this post of interest, and schedule your massage without delay.

If you are still dreaming of such experience, then don’t forget to include it on your gift list for next year.

Here is  a very interesting and informative video, which provides a short summary of reflexology and pressure points in your feet.

I also find it very intriguing that a massage and stimulation of the different pressure points in the foot associated with body organs, can positively affect their function, such as:

  • Vision problems
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Digestion
  • Quality of sleep
  • Deep relaxation
  • Back pain
  • Posture
  • Blood pressure
  • Migraines
  • Anxiety

Pressure points can be used to:

  1. Treat certain symptoms of illness
  2. Reduce stress

One would need to consult with an experienced reflexologist, or Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, to identify the key areas, and to receive treatment and relief.

However for stress reduction, some of these basic methods and techniques of foot massage may be applied by you on your own feet:

  • To reduce stress in the knees and calf muscles – apply pressure to the area at the top of the ankles
  • To clear up the sinuses and improve vision – apply pressure to the tops of the toes
  • To improve breathing and open up the chest area – apply pressure to the soles of the feet
  • To flush out toxins from the body – apply pressure to the large area right beneath your toes
  • To stimulate the stomach, kidney and spleen, and to help alleviate indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome or other types of discomfort after eating – apply pressure to the arch of the foot
  • To help control blood sugar, improve energy flow and reduce excessive fatigue and other side of blood sugar imbalance – apply pressure to the inner soles of the feet near the arch
  • To flush out the lymphatic system, and help the body to eliminate toxin buildup caused by stress and improve overall well-being – apply pressure to the area under the second toe, and gently massage this pressure point

If you never experienced a foot massage and stimulation of the pressure points in your feet, watching a video on this subject on UTube, will provide you with a preview of this wonderful and relaxing experience.


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