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Goodbye Summer Flower Garden

It is hard to believe that summer is almost over.  You would not know that by the still very hot temperatures during the day, but the nights have cooled off quite a bit already.

The calendar may not be ready for the end of summer, but Mother Nature rules, and my garden is surely responding accordingly.

Unfortunately a lot of my vegetables and flowers are done for the season, so today I will share few pictures of the ones still thriving.


Dwarf Orange Zinnia.

Close up view of Orange and Pink Zinnia flowers.  They are so beautiful!

This Yellow Celosia decided to get a little bit fancy on me this year.  It grew a new shape of bloom on one of the stalks.  Did anyone of you ever seen this before?

These baby roses are so pretty. There is couple things about them that I did not expect.  The bushes are twice as tall as I expected from a baby rose, and the fact that once the flowers start to dry up they turn very pale pink then off white then actually light brown. I have red roses and they don’t change colors when drying up.

This is my goodbye summer garden, as soon the Autumn Hardy Mums will take over with their blooms, so all the present plants will have to be removed.

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