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Christening Party Decorations

I love crafts and appreciate other people’s craft talents.

Recently I was attending a Christening party for a little girl, and just adored all the decorations created by her Mom.

She used flowers from her mother’s garden, mason jars for vases, burlap for table runners and vase decoration. She purchased crape paper flowers and burlap banners with stamped lettering, to add some finishing touches and to pull it all together nicely.

Today I will share some of the pictures I took to add to your ideas of party decorations you might be thinking of for your special someone, or a special occasion.

The party took place at their home, so here is the entry way with a beautiful banner for the occasion, accented with the crape paper flowers.  A burlap ribbon serving as a runner under the “Thank You” favors for the guests to take home.  These adorable boxes were ordered in a flat form, which also included a pre-cut pieces of a dainty ribbon. They were folded at perforations to assemble them, the ribbon was drawn through the top lids, then tied into a bow.  Each box contained two Ricotta Italian cookies placed in a cellophane pouch.

There were two folding tables with white tablecloths, placed in front of the fireplace to be used by the guests during meal time. A burlap ribbon served as a runner in the center.  Medium size mason jars were used as vases.  Each jar was wrapped with a piece of burlap ribbon, then a scalloped cloth ribbon in white or pink over it. Each jar had Hydrangea flowers from Grandma’s garden, and the baby’s name was spelled out by individual letters on each jar.

Here we have the dining room table decorated with the same theme, of burlap ribbon runner, same kind of mason jar vases, filled with fresh Hydrangea flowers.

Larger size mason jars were used for these centerpieces, which decorated the coffee table and additional smaller tables in the other party rooms. All these were prepared at home and filled with fresh flowers from the garden.  Absolutely lovely, simple but elegant.

We enjoyed lots of delicious food and desserts, but I decided to share the special cake, even though it was not home-made, yet created by L’Arte della Pasticceria, an absolute favorite place of the little girl’s parents.




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