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Is There Ever Enough Snow?

It finally stopped snowing - 4 ft snow drift in the back yardWe thought that the worse snow storm of this season was over, but as the saying goes “Don’t count your chickens until all the eggs hatch”, so here we are again…..with a bigger snow storm than the one before.

Our area does not normally get a lot of snow during the whole winter season, but this year is exceptionally snowy.  We moved over 200 miles south of the snowy area we lived at before, but I guess the snow just keeps on following us.

In my last post I was cheering you on with signs of spring, but today I will share some signs of winter still in full swing.

Lucky us, we have about 24 inches of snow, and it’s still snowing, and the snow drifts are quite impressive as well.

For those of you who never experienced snow, enjoy these pictures, and those who have to shovel it, welcome to the club.

The signs of spring from two weeks ago is under this blanket of snow

Nice thick blanket of snow is now covering the earlier signs of spring I shared with you the other day.

This snow drift looks like a crater

Not only it has been snowing now for 24 hours, the strong wind is creating some very interesting snow drifts, like this one.  You can see the grass in one section, and the bank is about 3 feet  high on the other end.  It looks like a crater.

Now we have a path from the garage to the street

The snow is full of moisture, thus very heavy.  Here is a path from our garage to the street.  By the time I post this picture for you, it will be covered again by the drifting snow.

Welcome to our igloo

Welcome to our igloo, or at least that is how our front entry looks like.

It finally stopped snowing - side of our driveway

Finally it stopped snowing, the driveway is clear, with a huge pile of snow on both sides, waiting for the hot sun to melt it down.

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