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Super Bowl – Party Food

Here we are again, planning another Super Bowl party, and searching for party food ideas.

Well, since you are reading this post, you’re already in the right place.  There is no better place than grandma’s kitchen, Suburbangrandma, that is…:-)

All the recipes I post are either prepared by me personally, or I have sampled them elsewhere, loved them, and posted them for you to enjoy.

Below you will find 20 pictures of party foods, with a link to each recipe.

Enjoy you party!

Ham Canapes – delish!!

Pull-Apart Pizza Bread

Rye Bread Dip

Pesto Sun-Dried Tomato Cheese Spread

Vegetable Platter

Lasagna In A Cup

Baked Eggrolls

Antipasto Squares

Onion Tart


Mexican Chicken Chili

Calico Beans

Tip: The canapes in this top photo were made for a party, so I used only 1/2 of a slice of bread per each, and split up the toppings accordingly.
If you plan to make these for an adult party, I would suggest to use a whole slice of bread for each canape,  plus the toppings listed in the recipe above.

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