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Kitchen Fun With Grandkids

everything chocolate dessert 1Summer vacation is coming to an end for some kids, and the new school year begins in few days.

I had a chance to spend couple days at home with my grandchildren, since most of the summer they were busy attending various camps.

My granddaughter was very eager to try some recipes from her cookbook, which she received for Christmas, and her younger brother also joined in the fun.

First she read through several recipes, to decide which ones she wanted to prepare.

Then she wrote out a menu, and a list of ingredients on hand, as well as the ones we still needed to purchase.

I will not be posting any recipes, but will share with you some pictures of the finished products.

French Toast and fruits squers

French Toast and Fresh Fruit on a stick, was our breakfast on the first day.  They had fun taking turns with cracking the eggs, and dipping the sliced French Baguette in it…I helped with cooking it.

They enjoyed this dish with Maple Syrup and Powdered Sugar…and a glass of milk.  It looks yummy, and it sure was.

Lettuce wraps 1

Lettuce wraps 2

Lettuce wraps 3

This was our lunch – Turkey and Cheese, or Ham and Cheese Lettuce Wraps.  My grandson also added some Genoa Salami to his.   I think they enjoyed making these as much as eating them.  They did a great job!

Preparing Quesadillas

Handling Quesadillas was a little tricky….making sure the ingredients did not fall out while transferring them onto a frying pan.  Each Quesadilla consisted of Refried Bean and Monterey Jack cheese, but we also made some with cubed ham, or turkey.

Preparing Quesadilla 2

Here is the finished product, ready to enjoy.  Some of us had it plain, others added Salsa and Sour Cream, to please their taste buds.

everything chocolate dessert 1

everything chocolate dessert 2


everything chocolate dessert 3

everything chocolate dessert 4

Dessert was the most fun to prepare, and to serve. My granddaughter wanted to please her mom’s love of chocolate, so she selected this all chocolate dipping variation, as you see pictured above.

I assisted with the melting of the chocolate, but they had fun with dipping ice cream cones, pretzels, marshmallows, graham crackers, and even potato chips.  Sprinkles were not used sparingly by no means…I mean what kid does not like sprinkles….:-)

centerpieces for place settings

Almost forgot to mention that my granddaughter made place cards for everyone. She also created individual centerpieces, crafted from clear plastic cups, and flowers she picked in her mom’s flower garden.  So special and festive.

The next day we made pancakes for breakfast, sliders for lunch, and in the afternoon we were busy making snacks.

homemade granola bars

This is a homemade granola, sweetened by honey, and studded with dark and white chocolate chips.

homemade granola bars personalized

homemade granola bars individually wrapped

We cut them into small serving bars, and wrapped each with Saran wrap.  She personalized them with everyone’s name, and decorated each with stickers.

Preparing popcorn for movie night

Since the next day was their traditional “Family Movie Night”, they decided to prepare special popcorn bags, to have them ready for popping, before the movie.

We also played games, put together puzzles, and had a dance and piano competition, with an award ceremony….of course….:-)

I hope you enjoyed this post.

I would love to hear from other grandparents, parents, or babysitters, about their fun with cooking and crafting with children.

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