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Special Thank You Cookie Platters


Today is a Blessed Day for our family, especially for me.

It is also a mixed emotions day, because today is my last chemo treatment for breast cancer.

I have waited for this day with lots of anticipation, and now that it is here, my feelings are mixed. I am happy and scared, at the same time.  Happy that it is finally over, and my body is free of this dreaded disease, but scared because I will not have all the medical attention I got so accustomed to during this past year, which became my “safety net”.

I am very blessed to have a loving family, and ALL of YOU, who supported me, and cheered me on, during this unexpected journey.


I am very thankful to my doctors and all the nurses who worked so hard to bring my health back, and helped me keep my head, and spirits, high.

Today, I will greet them with platters of assorted cookies, to sweeten up their hard-working day, as I admire their positive attitude, knowledge and hard work.

I have an important message for all of you,



A lot can happen in one year, as I have found out.





6 thoughts on “Special Thank You Cookie Platters”

  1. Larissa says:

    What a sweet (literally!) gesture, to give the cookie platter to your doctors and nurses. But more importantly CONGRATULATIONS on this milestone!!!! We are so happy and grateful that you are done with treatment, and the cancer is gone. You are a true inspiration of what a strong woman is and I had no doubt you would beat this thing!

  2. Vlodia says:

    Thank you sweetie for your kind words. I feel so relieved and blessed, by having this ordeal behind me now.
    I would have not done it without all my support system from my family, friends, and even total strangers whom I never met, but were praying for me and contacting me with strong words of encouragement.
    I always baked something new for the oncology nurses, to bring in at each of my regular visits, because they have a very tough job , yet they do it with compassion and smile. For finally, I decided to go all out, and bake a variety of my favorite recipes….they loved it!! They told me that the Rum Balls were ….quite “rummy”….:-)

  3. Valentina Falkowski says:

    I will still continue to keep you in my prayers. You are so very special & you have touched so many people with your wonderful smile & positive attitude. God Bless you always & may that cancer be a thing of the past for ever & ever.

  4. Vlodia says:

    Thank you so much…there is never too many prayers. I also continue my prayers for the health of ALL those who need it and those who pray for me. God is Merciful and He does listen to our prayers. Praise Him in the highest!

  5. Nadia says:

    Vlodia- I am on your site looking for medivnyk recipes for rizdvo. I am happy to hear that you recovered well. I did not know that you were ill.
    Veselych Sviat and God bless you and your family. Nadia

  6. Suburban Grandma says:

    Veselych Sviat!!! Khrystos sia Rozhdaje! Slavite Yoho! also Happy New Year.
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and hopefully you were able to find a recipe you were looking for. All the recipes I post have been tried by me and we all enjoyed them, and the pictures are of my finished product…:-)
    Also, thank you very much for your well wishes. God granted me my health back and my family and I are very thankful for that miracle.
    May God Bless You and Your family as well. Thank you again.

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