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Kitchen Gadget – Chef’n Garlic Zoom

garlic-chopper-view-22While shopping for stocking stuffer for Christmas, I visited a Kitchen Specialty Shop, and among other very interesting items, I came upon one that I was always wishing for….a reliable garlic chopper.  I already have several onion choppers, but do not have a garlic chopping gadget.

Many of my dishes call for chopped garlic, but I really dread chopping it.  It seems like its pungent odor gets into the skin of my fingers, under my finger nails, and lingers for much longer than I care to be reminded of it.  I have several garlic presses, but none of them really stand up to my expectations, since I am striving to minimize the garlic handling time as much as possible.

As you would probably agree, from viewing the attached pictures, it is very simply constructed, but works wonderfully.  The main part opens up at the top, to feed the garlic cloves into the chopper.  It also opens into two halves, at the middle, for easy removal of the final product, and for blade removal for cleaning.

Operating instructions:

  1. Place 1-3 garlic cloves inside the chopper
  2. Close the lid
  3. While pressing downward with the wheels on the counter top (I place it on a dish towel to increase friction)
  4. Rub it back and forth several times, until finely chopped garlic fills the cavity of the chopper.
  5. Add more garlic if needed, and repeat the above steps
  6. Open the unit (in half) and scrape out the chopped garlic with a tip of a knife
  7. Remove the blade, clean and dry all parts before  storage


I was so pleased with the results of this gadget (and it’s priced under $10), that I went back and purchased several more units, for my friends and family.  If you are not pleased with your present garlic press/masher/chopper, this one will win you over!!!

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