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Kitchen Gadget – Cake Leveler

cake-levelerI enjoy baking cakes, and stacking them up into multi-layer tortes.  However, layering cakes evenly could to be quite challenging.  Once again, I was on a lookout for a gadget which would come to my rescue, and I found the “Cake Leveler”.  It precisely levels and tortes cakes up to 10 inches wide, and adjusts up to 2 inches high (contains 10 notches).

It is quite simple, but works like magic.  It is a “must have” for every cake decorator.  The easy-to-adjust wire, which is stretched between two, notched for adjustment, legs of the holder, cuts perfect layers, while reducing crumbs.
Operating instructions:

  1. Measure the height you need on the leveler (start from bottom of the legs upward).
  2. Position ends of the cutting wire into notches at desired height.
  3. With legs standing on work surface, cut into crusted edge, using an easy sewing motion.
  4. Proceed by gently gliding through the cake.
  5. Repeat above steps until you have reached your desired number of layers.

Now you have perfectly layered cake, ready for frosting, stacking up layers, and decorating.

I really enjoy being challenged by trying new recipes.  I volunteered to bake birthday cakes for my co-workers, as long as they come up with their favorite recipe.  It is a great way for me to test a new recipe, and it makes us all very anxious to sample the final product.

I will include these recipes in my future posts, and hope you will find them exciting and delicious.

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