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Money Saving Tips On International Phone Calls

phone-cards1Letter writing used to be the most popular, and least expensive, way of communicating with family and friends living abroad. Today, it is email, SKYPE, and phone (be it a land line or cell phone).

Our busy life style and poor economy compel us to search for convenience at lowest cost.  As a result of my search for cheaper ways to make phone calls abroad, I found a nice web site for Comfi Communications Fidelity, and am saving a lot of money on phone card purchases, which I use to make phone calls from US to many different countries.

There are several things you need to consider, before deciding on the most suitable phone card for you:

  1. Select the country you wish to make your calls to
  2. Select land line or cell phone (calls to cell phones are much more expensive)
  3. Select only cards which do not have any connection or maintenance fees
  4. Select cards which have 1 minute, rather than 3 minutes, rounding time
  5. Select cards which do not have “Service Taxes and Surcharges”, which could save you as much as 15%
  6. Select a card which has the lowest charge per minute. This is the card for you.

You need to follow these steps every time you change your variable, such as a country name, land line or cell phone.  Sometimes I find one card suitable for all my needs, but at other times I need to buy a couple of different ones to accomplish the same thing.  Also, once your account is set up, you will receive email updates on specials, which will save you a couple of dollars on a new purchase or refill.

Purchasing phone cards online is very convenient, because you get all your dialing instruction ASAP, thus no more misplaced or lost cards, and it is available immediately.  An automatic refill is offered, but I prefer to comparison shop every time, since the card I purchase today might not be the best one the next time around.

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