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Last But Not Least – End Of Summer August Blooms

Dahlia flowerWhere oh where has the summer gone……?:)  I guess I am ready to sing the blues, because my garden is already displaying its signs, of the beginning of an end, of the summer season.  Fewer and fewer of the perennials are blooming, so the annuals are taking advantage of the space to spread out their crowns and show off their blooms.

So, let me share a few more pictures of the floral beauty I have been enjoying this year.

Black-Eyed Susan - last perennial bloom in the East side flower patch

Black-eyed Susan flowers are adding a splash of gold tone to the green foliage.

Snapdragan Plant Snapdragan flowers

The Snapdragon plant is really an annual flower, but the fallen seeds sprout the next year into new plants, or sometimes the roots survive a milder  winter season, and grow new shoots in the late spring to form a vibrant summer plant.  The above plants are a product of self seeding which I transplanted later on throughout my garden.  I also have these plants in a very pretty, velvety deep maroon, pink,  and lemon yellow colors.

Dahlia plant 2 Dahlia flower

Dahlia was my Mom’s favorite flower.  She loved flowers as much as I do.  She had numerous Dahlia’s in all varieties of colors and sizes.  Some of her Dahlia flowers were as large as 10 inches in diameter….so beautiful!!!  This is my second time planting Dahlias in my garden.  My Mom passed away during the summer of my first ever Dahlia’s bloom, so this year (five years later), I planted Dahlias in my Mom’s memory.

Torenia plant Torenia Flower - annual

This annual plant, Torenia,  looked very interesting to me, and since I never noticed it before, I decided to include it in this year’s flower patch.  I am fairly pleased with it (I wish it had a more frequent blooming cycle) , but hopefully it will re-seed itself, so next year I will have new plants.

Hibiscus Bush Hibiscus Flower

This Hibiscus bush is a very interesting plant, because even though it is a bush (6 ft tall), it actually dries up for the winter, and starts afresh in the spring.  It grows in the North side flower bed, and it does a very nice job blocking the street view of the large AC unit, plus adoring that side of the house with HUGE white flowers.

This year annuals - Dahlia, Marigolds, Impatiens, Sanp Dragon

This is my relaxation spot of the flower garden, which is located at the edge of my patio, where I can relax while listening to the trickling sound of water, in the water fountain, surrounded by annuals: Dahlias, Vinca, Marigolds, and Snapdragon.

West side flower patch 2

This is the West side flower patch, by the front entry to our home, and it is my seasonal garden, since I plant bulbs in the Fall for Spring blooms (Multi-color Tulips, Blue-Grape Hyacinths, Giant Hyacinths, Daffodils, and Crocuses), then replace these with annuals for the summer (Silver Fox, Petunia, Ageratum, Dianthus, Sweet Alyssum, Snapdragon, Portulaca, Dwarf Marigolds) , and again, I add Fantasia Mums for the Fall season .

I hope you enjoyed all the pictures of my flowers, which I have been sharing with you throughout this year’s growing season.  I would like to hear from all of you about your gardening experiences, and the type of flowers you  love to plant.

The time is getting near to clean up my garden, and my flower patches, to prepare them for their winter rest.

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