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Last Year’s Poinsettia – Update

Last year's Poinsettia flowerThe holiday rush seems to be over, but for the Ukrainians, Greeks, and others, it still is going on, as they are getting ready to celebrate Christmas Eve on January 6th, and New Year on January 14th.

My family gets together for Christmas on December 24th, however, we also honor the January 5th date as well, in order to unite ourselves with our families abroad.

If you have been following my posts about my Poinsettia from last year, and how I tried to preserve it until this Christmas, you are probably anxious to witness my failure, or success.

Well, I have a mixed bag here, since I have been traveling extensively during the most important Poinsettia nurture time, between October and December, so I was not able to follow the recommended TLC process.

Last year's Poinsettia

This is how it looked on December 24th.

Close up view of last year's Poinsettia flower

Here is a close up picture of the flower.

The plant continues to grow, and the flowers are getting fuller, and more vibrant.

Actually, I am very pleased with the results, considering the fact that I have not been home several days at a time to care of it properly, so Mother Nature was taking over for me, regulating the daylight, and darkness, requirements.

I will try to keep up with it again for next year, to experiment for how long it will last, and still look presentable.

This year I did not even buy a new Poinsettia, since I knew I was losing my job at the end of December, so this was a pleasant surprise for me to have my last year Poinsettia bloom for Christmas.

If any of you also were caring for your previous years Poinsettia, please share your stories.

Happy New Year!!

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