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Winter Wedding – Wedding Cake and More

Beautiful Display of the Wedding CakeThe year 2010 was definitely a wedding attendance year for me, as you know from the wedding posts I have shared with you in the past months.

Today I will share some of my thoughts, and pictures, about the last wedding of 2010 which I attended at the end of December, in upstate New York.  Lucky for us, the weather was great, since all the heavy snow fell along the shore of New Jersey and New York, and missed that part of the state.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful, and included lots of very personal touches.  The Bride’s brother played his guitar and sang a “The Wedding Song”, a song about love, which was played at their parents wedding, several years back.  It set a very nostalgic atmosphere for the ceremony, and sweet memory for the parents of the Bride.  The brother of the Groom and his wife, also sang a beautiful song, “The Prayer”, to the newlyweds, both in English and in Spanish.  They were accompanied by a very talented young men, playing the piano.

The Reception Hall decor was very elegant, in deep red color, intertwined with Christmas theme.

The Best Wedding Wishes Christmas Tree Best Wedding Wishes Christmas Tree

There was a Christmas Tree set up near the entry to the Reception Hall, decorated with various photos of the Bride and Groom, and their families and friends.  On the table next to the tree, were family wedding photos of their parents and grandparents, as well as a stack of wish cards for guests to fill out and hang on the Christmas Tree. This was such a wonderful idea, replacing the usual signing of a guest book.

Table arrangement with printed programs Special Table Setting - Anything Goes - Playbill

As you can see, the theme was candles and rose pedals, which adorned all the display tables.  The dinner tables had three tier crystal candle holders with floating candles, rose petals, and each table was named after a famous play name, rather than being numbered (mine was “Anything Goes”).  The guests found their seating by locating a play admission ticket with their name on it, and the play name of their table.  The idea was very appropriate for this Bride and Groom, as they both were very active in play acting during their High School and College years, and the Groom is pursuing an entertainment career.

Very original headdress for the Bride

I decided to share a picture of a very interesting headdress, the Bride wore in place of a traditional veil.

She looked absolutely stunning!

Wedding Band

I have never been to a wedding with such a large band.  This wedding band consisted of 10 players, including instruments such as, drums, guitar, keyboard, trumpets, clarinets, french horns, and saxophone.  It was a very lively band, which made the wedding lots of fun for everyone.

Beautiful Display of the Wedding Cake The Wedding Cake Topper - Two Love Birds

Here is a very elegant  Wedding Cake display, with the two tiered candles in the background.  Also, a close up view of the love birds, as the cake topper (notice the tiny veil on one of the birds).

I hope you enjoyed my short wedding story, and the lovely pictures, which might help you with your wedding planning ideas for 2011.

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