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Nature’s Beauty In My Back Yard

If you have been reading my posts for the past few years, you already know that one of my favorite pass times is spending time outdoors in my garden, and taking pictures of the Beauty of Nature.

Last Year’s Poinsettia – Update

If you have been following my posts about my Poinsettia from last year, and how I tried to preserve it until this Christmas, you are probably anxious to witness my failure, or success.

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Poinsettia – October Care Instructions

Are you still holding on to your Poinsettia from last Christmas, and hoping that it will bloom again in December?

If you read my first post about saving your Poinsettia, and my second post about the progress of my Poinsettia from last year, you will remember that I promised to post a reminder in October.

Poinsettia in September

If some may celebrate Christmas in July, then why shouldn’t I write a post about Poinsettia in September.
I encouraged you not to discard your Poinsettia into trash, but suggested to nurture it until next Christmas to be pleasantly surprised with its renewed beauty, and save money by not purchasing a new one.