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Maxine – Humor

I love Maxine, and I am sure many of you do as well.

Whenever I receive some new Maxine updates from my friends, I instantly think of all of you, so I can share the fun.

This time Maxine will charm you with several of her  “Old Age” quotes, to brighten up your day.

After the Sandy and Rose Hurricanes, and the elections, we all could use some cheering up.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Hmmm…..hopefully not too many of you are in her position…..

Interesting…..but what excuse would a non-coffee drinker use?

Now we know….

No comments here, I am still married to the first one.

OK.  What do YOU think about this?

I wish I had some more for you, but this is it for now.

Waiting for more Maxine emails, since it is always more fun to post something which others shared with me.


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