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Super Bowl Party – Favorite Foods

Party Time - Appetizer tableSuperbowl is just around the corner.  PARTY TIME!!

If you are still looking for recipes to prepare for your party, I am sharing a bunch of my favorites.  They are quick to prepare and perfect for your guests to enjoy while supporting their favorite football team.

If you are not a big fan of football but love to have fun, then just throw a party for your friends, and enjoy yourself with great company and good food.

Everyone is always looking forward to the excitement of the game, the half-time entertainment, the greatest commercials, and of course, lots of delicious food, and plenty of drinks.

I had a discussion with someone about different foods people like to try, and she told me about the Rocky Mountain Oysters, which she actually sampled before, and enjoyed it.  Sorry, you will not find it in my recipe collection…:-(

This dish is considered a delicacy in the Western States of the US, as well as in some parts of Canada.

I definitely am not about to prepare it or sample the finished product (I am not that adventurous with food), but if you have the ingredients, and want to make it for your party, then here is a recipe I found for you.

As for me, I would suggest the following party foods for this Super Bowl Party:

Pull-Apart Pizza Bread

Antipasto Squares

Lasagna In A Cup

Baked Eggrolls

Hot Chicken Wings

These are the hearty party foods I have posted previously and am convinced that your party goes will absolutely adore them.

I would like to hear about the different foods you included in your Super Bowl Party menu.  Thank you.

Enjoy the game, and the food, and have lots of fun!!



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