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Multicultural Night At a Local School

Ukrainian table - close up viewIrish dancers


Poland table 2

I was lucky to have been invited to a Multicultural Evening at a local Elementary School.

There were beautiful displays of artifacts and ethnic foods from several countries such as: Ukraine, Poland, Ireland, Australia, South America, India, China, Philippines, Scotland, and Africa.

Everyone enjoyed a wonderful ethnic dance performance by the Irish, Indian, and Philippines dancers.

It was fascinating to sample the different ethnic foods, and admire the artifacts.

Here are some pictures I took of the different displays:

Ukrainian table - close up view 2

Beautifully arranged display of Ukraine’s artifacts, as well as short write up about the country and its culture. It includes wood carvings, Korovai (Traditional Wedding bread), hand painted ceramic vases, hand decorated Easter Eggs ( some are over 80 years old), and samples of embroidered  cloth.

Ukrainian table - children books, dolls, wall decorations

Children’s corner of the Ukrainian display, including dolls in ethic attire, wooden wall art, children books and CDs.

Ukrainian table - Ethinc Food - Ukrainian Honey Cake, Poppy Seed Cake, Nalesnyky (Crepes), Kovbasa

The Ukrainian ethnic food table, elegantly adorned by embroidered table runners, and stocked with plenty of delicious samples of Ukrainian Traditional Honey Cake, Fancy Poppy Seed Cake, Homemade Nalesnyky (Crepes) with Nutella filling, as well as snack size Kovbasa (smoked pork sausage, also known as Kielbasa).

Poland table 2

Poland had a beautiful display of ethic artifacts and food samples. There were children toys made in Poland, books, hand painted ceramic cups and dishes, carved wooden jewelry boxes, and a variety of homemade sweets, Polish chocolates, and Kielbasa.

Ireland table

Display of Ireland’s culture, arts, and postcards of various cities in Ireland.

Irish dancers

Here are the talented young Irish Dancers, who entertained all the guests at the Multicultural Night event.

South America table 2

The South America display of ethic artifacts, modeling of their ethnic attire, and a cookbook full of delicious South American recipes.

Scotland Table

Scotland also was represented  by the above display of interesting facts captured on this poster.

Africa Table 1

Africa was represented with these wooden artifacts made in Africa.  The lady is wearing a very traditional  African Head Dress, made out of a scarf, carefully wrapped around the head, creating a very interesting design.  The material is quite firm to touch, and feels like it is heavily starched.  Pins are used to keep the layers together.

Africa Table 2

The map of Africa in a form of a wooden puzzle like statue.

China table

China table 3


China also was represented with a display of their native artifacts and traditional attire.

India table 1

India had a large display of myriad of artifacts, as well as a poster of the country’s various regions.

There were three generations present by the display table, which really impressed me.

India table 2   India table 3


Dolls dressed in native attire, plus other traditional artifacts, as well as beautifully crafted weaved rungs and runners.

Philippines table 1

Philippines representatives did a super job with their display, pointing out the most important facts about their country, their art, culture and food.

Philippines table 4

Philippines handbags, and handmade jewelry.

Ethnic Attire from India and Africa

I was quite impressed by the native attire these ladies wore to the Multicultural Night…very appropriate.

Don’t you agree?

I hope you were patient enough to check out this post all the way to the end, and found it enjoyably educational.

The evening was quite educational for me, as well as for the children.

I commend the schools for taking time out of their busy schedule, to promote such learning tools to their interested students.

This hands-on experience was far more interesting to the students, than any similar lecture in a classroom setting.

If your school does not participate in these type of events, you should suggest it, and I am sure everyone will cooperate and enjoy.


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