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Ukrainian Traditional Paska – Wonderful Baking Experience

Paska baking - our 6 year old Paska decoratorUkrainian Traditional Paska - 3 batches of Paska bakingUkrainian Traditional Paska - design D


Thursday was our family Paska Baking Day.…three generations of bakers – mother, daughter and granddaughter.
We had so much fun, especially my 6-year-old granddaughter, who did a beautiful job helping with measuring the ingredients, and decorating her Paska (above picture).

You may click on the above link for the recipe, but today I will share pictures of the different designs we created for this year’s Paska.

Ukrainian Traditional Paska - design A

The traditional braid toward the middle of the Paska, a flower in the middle, and some “figi” decorations below the braid.

Ukrainian Traditional Paska - design BThis one has the twist (two strings of dough twisted together), and a fancy cross in the middle of the Paska.

Ukrainian Traditional Paska - design G

Here we have a large cross on top of the whole Paska,  and some other decorations along the side.

Ukrainian Traditional Paska - design C

This Paska is decorated with a long braid twisted around the middle, and dough -birds all around the edge.

Ukrainian Traditional Paska - design D

My six years old granddaughter decorated this Paska all by herself.  She did a beautiful job, if I may say so myself.

Ukrainian Traditional Paska - design E

This Paska has two twists intertwined in a way to resemble the thorn crown Jesus wore on his head.

Ukrainian Traditional Paska - design F

Last but not least, a single dough rope is twisted around this Paska, with some loops formed symmetrically, and a dough rose in the middle.  Plus a single dough rope is laid around the Paska, about 1/2 inch below the upper one.

Paska baking - our 6 year old Paska decorator

Hopefully our designs will help you to decorate your Paska, or it will inspire you to create your own, even more decorative.  Please share your Paska designs with all our readers.

Ukrainian Traditional Paska - 3 batches of Paska baking

This year’s Easter is very special for Ukrainians, since the Catholics and the Orthodox celebrate it at the same time.  Most of the time the Catholic one is much earlier than the Orthodox, as they both follow different calendar (Julian or Gregorian).




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