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My Flower Garden – End of Summer Blooms



It’s that time of the year again.

Summer is coming to an end with Labor Day behind us, students gone back to school, days gotten shorter, my vegetable garden slowly closing in as well, but the cooler nights are very favorable for my flower patches.

Today I will share few pictures of my latest blooms, most likely last ones for the season, until they are nipped by the frost.

This my front entryway patch for this year.  These plants finally got a break from the hot summer days, and the cool night are really making them spread out.


The East side flower patch, only partially captured, is my largest one, and full of vibrant colors. This year I planted lots of Zinnias which I grew from seeds sent to me from Europe, by my sister.  We exchange seeds, and the flowers unite us while gardening during the growing season.


Other section of the East side flower patch.  These contain lower growing plants, with smaller flowers.

Chrisentimum, White Asters, Coreopsis, Balsamica, and Purple perennial Asters.

Hot pink Zinnias.

Light pink and orange Zinnias.

Red Zinnias.

These are annual Asters from seeds sent to me by my sister.   You can see the intricate and dainty flowers in the close up pictures at the top of this post.  I really noticed their beauty while taking the close up pictures of these flowers.

This the corner section of my flower patch.  The Purple Aster bush is a perennial plant, and this year I divided it into several smaller plants and spread them around into other sections of my flower garden to even it out.

The Zinnias and the smaller colorful Asters are all annual flowers, but once the flowers dry up, I pick their seeds, and save them for next year’s planting.  This also gives me a chance to color coordinate my flowers, as I label the seeds for each color separately.

The Canna Lily requires a little more work, since the tubers need to be dug up after the first frost, and stored in a dark, cool place over the winter season, to replant again in spring.

I love the Canna Lily for its gorgeous flowers and luscious foliage.

The Zinnia plants are about 4 feet tall, and branch out into bush like plants, but they make  great cutting flowers for bouquets, and they stay pretty fresh for over a week.

This is why I love being outside, working in my garden, tending to my flowers and veggies.

How could anyone not love spending free time surrounded by such beauty of nature.


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