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Alphabet Theme Birthday Party


Another exciting birthday party to write about.

My grandson just turned TWO, and since he is really into all the alphabet games, puzzles, and books, his parents chose the Alphabet Theme for his birthday party.

His mom was very creative with the birthday cake, as you can see in the picture above, and below.

Besides being delicious, it was very specially made with lots of effort to create a checkered design.

She chose his favorite colors of blue and green, and a special insert had to be used for separating the different color batters, while filling the cake pans with it, to achieve the checkered effect.  Don’t you agree that it looks wonderful?

The six layer cake was frosted with homemade vanilla butter frosting, and decorated with colorful sugar alphabet letters.  She also baked large alphabet letter sugar cookies, which the children were able to decorate with edible food color markers.

In addition to the cake, there were lots of miniature cupcakes  (skinny recipe), with just a dab of cream cheese frosting, and dinosaur sprinkles.

The Birthday Boy is also fascinated with dinosaurs, so many of his birthday cards and gifts supported that interest.  He will be busy playing with all of these until a new interest springs up by the next party.


Besides  his special Birthday Cake, he had a second cake to be used on his “official” birth date (in 3 days), and it sure came in handy as he shared it with his parents and grandparents, just before going to the museum in NYC to check out the display of some HUGE dinosaurs.  Nothing can beat that!!

The HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the cake was spelled out with actual wooden letter blocks. Cute and creative, to say the least.

Since the party was in the alphabet theme, the whole party room was decorated with letters, and each letter had an appropriate picture of the birthday boy’s activities from the past year.



Here is a favorite one of mine:

I refer to this particular picture display ” Like Father Like Son”, since the black and white picture is of the father of the Birthday Boy, at the age of two, also trying on big shoes , as his son did the same this year, with his dad’s shoes.

Isn’t this just so adorable and precious?

It was a beautiful sunny day, so lots of play activity centers were set up outdoors; a perfect place for the little ones to have fun.

They loved the swing and slide center, the soccer ball and goal net, and most of all, the numerous cardboard boxes with alphabet letters printed on them.


These cardboard boxes had large alphabet letters painted on all sides, and the kids had so much fun playing with them.

I am sure these will be used again in the future months, as fun spelling sessions, as well as building blocks, and scrabble games.  Very creative, inexpensive, and fun idea.


The adults and kids  had lots of fun playing the “Cornhole” game, swimming in the pool, and being entertained by the show at the outdoor “ABC Theater” (yes these are the stage curtains, trying to stay down on a windy day).

Very talented cast, garbed in their spur of the moment costumes, entertained everyone with the  reenactment of a popular fable about The Great Big Turnip (Reepka – in Ukrainian), narrated by the  Mom the of the Birthday Boy.

It was lots of fun for everyone, and the little ones were very attentive, while munching on their special snacks prepared for the occasion.

The party favors for the young crowd consisted of cute alphabet letter baskets filled with numerous favors, plus homemade crayola crayon letters, which spelled out the name of the recipient of the favor.

There also was large bowl filled with an assortment of sweet treats for those who were allowed to enjoy them, as some parents are very conservative about their kids sugar intake.

Last,but not least, is the display of the pre-party appetizers, which included fruit platter, Nirchi’s Pizza from Endicott, NY, Buffalo Hot Wing Chicken Dip, veggies and chips, Ukrainian smoked sausages (Kabanosy) from East Village Meat Market in NYC, Eggplant and Mint Bruschetta, Tomato Bruschetta, Red Beet Carpaccio, Grilled Shrimp with Zucchini and Avocado salad, freshly baked Frico Chips, numerous other kids snacks, and lots of refreshing drinks.

Our family parties are known for more than enough food to please everyone.

After the cake, there was more food served for dinner…..but I failed to capture it on camera (I must have been all partied out….).

It was a fun party, and I applaud the parents of the Birthday Boy for doing such a wonderful job with the party

planning, and final execution of these plans.

I hope you enjoyed my short synopsis of the Alphabet Theme 2nd Birthday Party.


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