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My Garden in July

Minature DahliaMinature Dahlia

Gardening if a fun hobby of mine, but it takes time and patience to make it successful.

I was away from home for a week, and my garden “missed” me….:-)…actually it has gone wild.

My flower beds became overgrown with random plants, and my squash totally lost track of it’s “normal” size.

I have never seen such a huge size Yellow Squash as the one which has grown in my garden, during this week of my absence.

Today I will share some pictures I took upon my return home, while checking out my vegetable garden, and flower patches.

Flower patch

Here is my East side flower patch…it does need some thinning out, and trimming…

My vegetable garden

Now you will agree that my vegetable garden has gone wild…..the squash plants, basil, dill and tomato plants overtook the whole garden.

I have some serious work here, to bring it back to reality.

self seeded flowers 2

These flowering plants reached five feet in height.    The only thing that can be done at this point, is to pull out the smaller plants, to allow more space for the thriving ones.

Blackeye Suzie

My Black Eyed Susan flowers really love this part of the somewhat wet spot of my yard, unlike the shrubs that we tried to grow there as well.

July Crop - tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, huge squash

I saved the best for last….here is my HUGE Yellow Squash.  Some of these are 18 inches long and 5 inches in diameter.

Best tasting squash is at a smaller size, as the large one has very large seeds and is not as tender.  It is still usable, but the seeds and the middle section needs to be discarded, before using the remaining vegetable.

My son made some really tasty squash on the grill.

He sliced it into spears, flavored it with Italian spices, salt, pepper, olive oil and some kind of vinegar (wine or apple cider…not sure).

It was yummy.


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