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My May Flower Garden

Pink Dahlia within Pink Creeping Phlox

Hot Pink Dianthus


Yellow with White Japanese Iris

I already missed sharing my early spring flowers, so today I will showcase my May blooms.

As you all know by now, I love gardening and do maintain a small vegetable garden, but most of all, I adore flowers.

We did not have many April showers to bring May flowers, but the May showers are doing their job a little too much already.

The sun finally peeked out, giving me a chance to take some shots of my gorgeous May blooms.

May blooms 2

May blooms 1

May blooms 3









These snapshots are of my East Side Flower Patch, which I will show you at a closer range, in small sections.

Sky Blue Nigella (Love in the Mist), Day Lilly

Siberian Irisis, Hardy Geranium, Hardy Viola

Sky Blue Negella (Love in the Mist) getting ready to bloom.  I love its delicate, feathery leaves.  Next to it is a clump of Hardy Geranium and Siberian Irises.

Siberian Irisis, Hosta, Hardy Viola, Lilly of the Valley, Chrysentimum

Siberian Iris, Hardy Viola, Lilly of the Valley, Columbine, Hosta

Closer view of the Siberian Iris, Hardy Viola, Lily of the Valley, and Hosta, as well as the golden leaf shrub of Euonymus.

Japanese Irisis, Coriopsis, Creeping Phlox, Hosta

Japanese Iris


Yellow with White Japanese Iris

Yellow and White Japanese Irises, Coreopsis (not blooming yet), Creeping Phlox (almost all done blooming), Hosta, Columbine, and English Aster (just establishing its foliage).  Pink Peony plant is gaining strength for future luscious blooms.

Hosta, Siberian Iris, Azelia, Columbine, Citrona (Wallflower),

Columbine, Lupine, Paper White Easter Lilly,Hardy Pink Gerenium

Here we have an array of various plants, some blooming while others just forming buds.  In this display you can spot a Hosta, Columbine (compliment seeds from my sister in Cracow), Coreopsis from my Mom, Paper White Easter Lilly (still very small), Hardy Geranium, Citrona Wallflower, Siberian Irises, Pink Azalea, Pink and White Peony.

Columbine, Hosta, Azelia, Peony, Coriopsis, Iris

Columbine, Azelia


My beautiful double-blooms Columbine in lemon yellow, white, purple and white, and very dark

purple colors.  I admire their color and intricacy of the flower formation. So lovely!

Hardy Viola, Primrose, Paper White Easter Lilly,

Foxglove baby plant

Yellow Primrose, Hardy Viola, Paper White Easter Lilly, baby Foxglove plant (my new addition this year).

Scarlet Red Bee Balm plantMy new addition - Royal Blue Lupine plant

Scarlet Red Bee Balm plant, and deep purple Lupine plant…another new addition.  I can’t wait to share their flowers with you.

Citrona (Wallflower), Columbine, Black Eyed Susan, Mums,

This was my “mystery” plant last year, but now I know its name…. Citrona Wallflower…still don’t know how it ended up in my garden…and this one will remain a mystery.

Rhubarb plant part of my flower patch

My first Rhubarb plant

As you can see, this isn’t exactly a flower….it’s a Rhubarb plant, but I found a perfect spot for it to grow and flourish…so I can have my own rhubarb to make a delicious Rhubarb Cake.

My huge Hosta plant, and Black Eyed Susan plants

I had to show you my HUGE Hosta plant….it is about 3 feet in diameter already…..and growing. It loves its damp location, and is surrounded by Black Eyed Susan plants.

Pink Dahlia within Pink Creeping Phlox, Columbine, Mums, Snapdragon,

Pink Dahlia within Pink Creeping Phlox

This light pink with white centers Dahlia, surrounded by still blooming pink Creeping Phlox, brings very special memories for me.  My Mom loved Dahlias, and she always managed to find a new variety to add to her garden.  The first time I planted my pink Dahlia, was in the summer that turned out a little bitter-sweet for me.

The week my Dahlia bloomed for the first time, was the week of my daughter’s wedding, and unfortunately my Mom passed away on Monday of that week as well.

I decided to cut down my pink Dahlia flower, and hand it to my Mom, to hold on her journey to heaven.  Its has been 12 years now since that day, so finding this pink Dahlia this year, brought back many memories.

Hardy Viola

Grape Hyacinth within Coriopsis plant

I love how Mother Nature plays with my plants.  These clusters of Coreopsis, which will bloom very soon with beautiful golden flowers, managed to fancy themselves up with early blooms of Hardy Viola and Grape Hyacinths…isn’t this really neat looking…I love it.

Hot Pink Dianthus

Sweet William starting to bloom

Isn’t this Hot Pink Dianthus awesome looking….I admire the combination of the silver foliage with the hot pink blooms at each top of a stalk.  Also, the Sweet Williams, which I planted last fall, is starting to pop open.  Before you know it, it will be in full bloom, and so sweetly fragrant.

I love the name of this plant, because William is my father’s brother name, and well as the middle name of my youngest son.

Ice plant

This Ice Plant is very hardy in hot weather, due to its succulent foliage.  The flowers open up in the sun, and close  up for the night.  How awesome is that?

Day Lilies and Roses

Now that I shared most of my May blooming plants, I would like to hear from you and share some pictures of your flower garden, so I can display them in another post.  Thank you!

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