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My Sister’s Garden – May 2016

My sisterMy sister also loves gardening, and she does a beautiful job with her shrubs, flowers and vegetables. She retired now, so has more time to devote to her little oasis.

Her husband also retired, and keeps himself busy with bee-keeping duties, hunting, painting and carving.

Today I will post few pictures they shared with me of their gorgeous plants and carvings.

His carvings nicely complement my sister’s flower arrangements

Carving by my brother-in-law and arrangement of flowers


Wood Carving by my bother in law

These carvings were created out of tree stumps, still anchored in the ground, then as a finish touch, a pedestal was built around it.  My sister planted low growing flowers to complement the carved art.  So much creativity….I love it!

very original flower stand with potted Petunias and Alysium

My brother-in-law built this bench type plant stand, out of wagon wheels and wood planks. Great idea, don’t you think so?  My sister filled it with potted Petunias and Alyssum. I am not sure of the type of plant is growing in front of the bench.

Red Gereniums

The side of their back porch (veranda), is also adored with potted Geraniums.

Little oasis for their dog

Bird house over a water garden

They also take care of their outdoor pets.  The picture to the left displays the hand crafted dog house…more like a dog cottage…it has two rooms, play area, privacy fence and a nice garden.  As you can see, he enjoys lounging around in the shade of the blooming tree.

The picture to the right, displays part of the pond where they grown all kinds of water-loving plants, as well as certain species of fish. I also notice a bird house perched atop a quite tall stand.

Close up of Blue and white flowers


What a gorgeous display of plants and flowers

I love the way my sister selects low growing plants and flowers in front of lovely tall ones in the back.  She also carefully plans the color scheme of her flowering plants to create a beautiful display of complementing shades.

Pink Columbine


Purple Columbine

Pink and Purple Columbine in full bloom.  We both share these plants, since I grew mine from seeds she shared with me.  Our plants keep us close, even though we live an ocean apart.

Jasmine bush in full bloom

Blooming Jasmine bush is extremely fragrant…my favorite as much as Lilac blooms

German Iris


Beautiful Lupine

I will complete this post with German Iris and Pink Lupine.  I also added Purple Lupine to my flower garden this year, just to create a  new dimension.

Side view of part of my sister's garden

I had to include this picture of one section of my sister’s garden, since I really love the harmony between her shrubs and flowers.  This is why I refer to her garden as ” The Oasis”.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and agree that not only music, but also plants provide a universal language to all of us.

If you wish to display the beauty of your garden, please send me your pictures, and I will include them in my post.  Thank you.

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