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My Special Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas TreeChristmas holiday is very special to all Christians, from a religious point of view,  but also in regards to the myriad of decorating ideas many of us love to experiment with.

Christmas Tree takes the center stage in decorating the home for Christmas.

Everyone has a certain theme they follow for Christmas Tree decorating.

My Christmas Tree has a Ukrainian theme, since it is adorned with numerous handmade decorations, as well as other ornaments purchased at Ukrainian church bazaars, and ethnic arts and crafts stores.

Last year I shared my collection of angels Christmas Tree decorations, and this year you will get to see my Ukrainian ornaments.

These are ceramic ornaments with traditional Ukrainian designs, which can also be found on various embroidered  cloth items, or wood art pieces.

Ceramic ornament 1 Ceramic ornament 4

The shape of these two ornaments remind of a Ukrainian church dome, or steeple.

Ceramic ornament 2 Ceramic ornament 5

The intricate geometric pattern is very prominent in Ukrainian designs.

Ceramic ornament 6 Ceramic ornament 7

Aren’t these just lovely?  So elegant, yet festive, at the same time.

Ceramic ornament 8

This ornament incorporates some of the traditional Christmas motif, hence the hand painted Holly leaves and berries.

Ceramic ornament 3 - commemorataive ornament for 1000 years of Christianity in Ukraine

This is my very special ornament, a contemporary version of a hand painted image of the Virgin Many, dressed  in a Ukrainian traditional attire, holding baby Jesus, wrapped in an embroidered cloth.

This ornament was created to commemorate the Millennium of Christianity in Ukraine, thus the dates 988-1988.

If you are interested in Ukrainian Christmas Tree ornaments, or other art articles, you may want to visit these websites:


UKRAINIAN GIFT SHOP – Largest Ukrainian mail-order establishment



If you still did not find what you were looking for, you can always stop at Ukrainian church bazaars, or visit their gift shops.

If anyone is familiar with other such establishments, please share them with us, and I will include them in this post.

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