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Crocheting Fun and Counting Stitches

Crocheting is a fun activity anytime, but even more fun during a quite intense election time.  While others were busy counting votes, I enjoyed counting stitches of my crocheting project.

I managed to crochet a beautiful baby blanket and a baby hat, which I will display in this post.  I followed UTube instructions most of the time but used fewer stitches than she did since I wanted to end up with a little smaller blanket.


Crocheting projects are extremely simple these days with the use of UTube instructions.  I highly recommend it and assure you that before you know it, you will be hooked on it.

Once you learn a few basic crochet stitches and concentrate on precise counting of these stitches to continue with a pattern, you are ahead of the game.  It also requires looking back at your work progress from time to time, to make sure your counting is correct and your pattern stays on track.  Unfortunately, once you spot a deviation, you have to undo all your work up to that point to remedy the situation to continue with your pattern.  That is the most frustrating thing about crocheting, but once all the work is done, your finished product is a wonderful reward for all your effort.

Now that winter is approaching, and you will spend more time indoors, this is a wonderful hobby to occupy some of your free time and create beautiful crochet items for yourself or for others to use and to cherish.

If you have pictures of items you crocheted and wish to share with everyone, please forward them to me via email and I will include them in my post.  To give you credit for your project, I would use your first name only, to protect your privacy.  Thank you.



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