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My Suburban Garden – April 2009

ready-for-the-butterflies3Gardening is one of my favorite pass times, as well as a convenient way to exercise, and to relax. In my spare time, I keep busy tending to my flower patches, and organic garden of vegetables, herbs, and fruits.

It actually looks like this year my granddaughter and I might be able to pick fresh strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries in my fruit garden…..there are lots of blooms… which hopefully will turn into fruits, and the birds won’t get them before we do.

I will try to take pictures throughout the gardening season, and keep you posted about our progress. I was planing to share some pictures of my spring blooms, but as my computer crashed, I lost them all. I will try again next year.

Here are some pictures to introduce you to one of my flower patches.


This is my East side, starter flower patch, as it appeared four years ago.


This is the same flower patch as of today. Lots of changes in four years!


Peony already has buds, Pink Azalea is in full bloom, and the Siberian Iris is not budding yet.


Columbine is starting to bloom, Hardy Viola already in full bloom, and German Iris might be ready to bloom in a week or so.


Isn’t nature beautiful and mesmerizing?


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