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Nadia’s Garden 2016

Foxglove flowers clusterMy daughter enjoys gardening as much as I do, my sister and my mom.

Her 8-year-old daughter also shows interest in nature and plants…a future gardener in training…:-)

I am so proud of them!

This year she changed her landscaping, by adding a stone landscaping wall, replacing all her shrubs, and rearranging her perennials.

Right now everything is quite small and new, but next year it will be a real showcase.

Today I will share some pictures I took of her landscaping and plants.


Porch side flower patch


Entryway side flower patch


Entryway flower patch

Yarrow, Dahlia, Lilies (1)


East side flower patch section


End of east side flower patch

Eastside view of the new landscaping.

Diamonds Blue Delphenium


Diamonds Blue Delphenium flowers

I love the blue color of the flowers of this Delphinium plant.

Foxglove flowers cluster



Foxglove bell flowers

Foxglove is another gorgeous plant, with a very tall stalk filled with these lovely bell-like flowers.

Scabiosa - Pincushion Flower


Lavender plant 2

Here we have a light purple color of the flowers of Scabiosa also known as Pincushion, and Lavender plants.

South side flower patch


Snow Hill Salvia and Wild Berry Cornflower

Here we have yellow Daylilly, peach color Snapdragon plant, Snow Hill Salvia, and light pink Dianthus.  Also, Wild Berry Echinacea (Coneflower), and hot pink Bee Balm plant, getting ready to bloom.

Mellow Yellow Yarrow


Hot Pink Ice Plant

These low spreading plants are Mellow Yellow Yarrow and hot pink succulent Iceplant.

Gaillardia (Goblin) Blanket Flower


White Peony and Cosmos

Beautifully blooming Gaillardia (Blanket flowers), and snow-white Peony is beginning to open up as well.  Behind the Peony, you can see the Cosmos plant, which will bloom later on this summer, until frost.

Fruit Punch Dianthus



Dussendorf Pride Sea Pink flower

Here we have Fruit Punch Dianthus and Sea-Pink flowers of Dusseldorf Pride.

Magienta Petunia Flower


White Petunia

These delicate-looking Petunias are actually very tough.  They seeded themselves from last year’s plants, survived our unpredictable spring weather, and still very tiny, but showcasing full-size gorgeous flowers.

Day Lilly - close up


Cranberry Lace Bea Balm and Day Lilly

Yarrow, Dahlia, Lilies

Ever so vibrant cream-yellow Daylilies, Stargazer Lilies which will bloom in July, and Fire Red Bee Balm is getting ready to bloom.

Reviewing all these pictures, you will agree that my daughter did a super job with her brand new landscaping.  I can’t wait to see it all in full bloom throughout the summer and fall.

Yarrow, Dahlia, Lilies (2)


Yarrow, Dahlia, Lilies (3)


Yarrow, Dahlia, Lilies (4)


Pear tree

Her vegetable garden is filling up nicely as well. She cultivates several types of herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, dill, parsley, rutabaga, rosemary, lettuce, broccoli, and even a brand new Pear tree.

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