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New Year’s Eve Wedding

June is a month for weddings… least that is what everyone is saying.  Well, since I am running behind in my wedding posts, I am taking this opportunity to create a short post about a New Year’s Eve wedding I had a pleasure of attending.

I have attended a Christmas season wedding before, but this was my first time at a New Year’s Eve wedding.

It actually was a lot of fun, because until midnight we all were enjoying a typical wedding atmosphere, but as the clock struck midnight the party switched to a New Year celebration.

All the guests were treated to party hats and  noise makers.  Balloons and streamers were released from the ceiling area of the venue, and fancy Petits Fours as well as cigars were offered by a special attendee…a “show girl”, which was an interesting experience, as you will see from the pictures I will share.

We also shared a champagne toast of course, to wash down more delicious food served at the Venetian Hour, then danced the night away.

Speaking of pictures, for some reason I was not much into my usual picture-taking mood…..or maybe I was socializing too much…which means I only have few pictures from this special event to share with you.

The Ukrainian church was very beautifully decorated with Ukrainian embroidery and Poinsettia, still in its Christmas decor.

The Bridal Gown was stunning on this gorgeous Bride, but because it was December 31st weather, everyone wore a warm cover up over their evening gowns.  Don’t you just love her bouquet?  It was full of luscious looking white roses with lightly tinted centers.

You already had a glance of the Bride’s Maid dress in the first picture above, but I also wanted to show you a closer look of the front top of the dress, as well as the flower bouquet of the Maid of Honor.

Since this was a Ukrainian – Polish wedding, the traditional Greeting Bread with salt and wine was incorporated into the celebration

As the Bride and Groom were introduced to the wedding guests upon their entry into the reception hall, their parents greeted them with bread, wine and salt, to wish them a happy future together.

Another Ukrainian tradition calls for a Korovai, hence this picture of the Ukrainian Traditional Symbolic Bread displayed above.  Usually the Korovai is accompanied by a set of Holy Icons draped with embroidered rushnyky (runners), as pictured here as well.  Notice the New Year’s twist to the Korovai…a set of colorful sparklers inserted in the top of it.

Here is the “show girl” I was telling you about in the introductory part of this post. She is carrying around a tray of cigars for any interested guests….and there were many…many…interested male guests…..

Here she is in the middle of the Petits Fours serving station.  The cover of this table is actually attached around her waist….making it look like it is part of her skirt.  I don’t know how she did it…but she stayed in that position for at least an hour…as the guests were coming and going, partaking of these decadent desserts.

Aren’t you glad I did not miss taking a picture of the Wedding Cake?   Well, I am glad I didn’t either, since this was one classy looking Wedding Cake….totally elegant and delicious.

Also, I have to mention that this Bride and Groom planned this beautiful wedding in less than 6 months…how about that?  I was very impressed, and I am sure you are too.



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