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Paska – Ukrainian Traditional Easter Bread

It seems like Easter is still several weeks away, hence lots of time for Paska baking, but not according to my “social” calendar.

Those of you who bake with yeast, know that this process is time consuming, so you can’t just plan to bake Paska in the evening after work, like you would cake or cookies.  You need several hours of tending to this bread making project, which means….weekend time.

My future weekends are all booked for various reasons (this grandma keeps herself very busy…), so this Saturday was perfect to bake Paska, then wrap it securely for freezing, to have it ready for Blessing in my Easter Basket, and enjoying it for Easter Breakfast (if you click on these links you will be directed to the posts explaining it in more detail).

Since I always use the same recipe for my Paska, and posted it previously, here is the link to my recipe:

Traditional Ukrainian Paska Recipe – Ukrainian Easter Bread

If you like plain Paska, then you would omit the addition of raisins, otherwise for Paska with raisins, you would add 1.5 cups of GOLDEN raisins to your bowl during the final mix.

Also, to prevent the raisins from sticking out of the Paska and burning during baking, I push them down into the Paska dough, after I fill my pans and smooth out the tops.

Happy Paska baking, and Happy Easter!

PS.  If you have leftover dough from your Paska decorations, turn it into pretzels and swirls, and bake them as treats for your kids, or grandkids….:-)

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