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Poinsettia – October Care Instructions

Are you still holding on to your Poinsettia from last Christmas, and hoping that it will bloom again in December?

If you read my first post about saving your Poinsettia, and my second post about the progress of my Poinsettia from last year, you will remember that I promised to post a reminder in October.

Here we are, October has arrived, your Poinsettia now requires special care, so it hopefully blooms again.

If you have not done it yet,

this is the time to bring your plant indoors,

into a totally dark room (basement or closet)

every night during October, November and early December (8-10 weeks period) for 14 hours daily.

You must make sure the plant is in TOTAL darkness.


Bring it out into bright daylight for 8 hours, daily.

If your follow this schedule, you should be rewarded with a gorgeous blooming Poinsettia for Christmas.

I am testing this theory with you, as I have never before tried it on my own.

I will share the results in December (hopefully a blooming plant).

TIP: If you do not have basement or closet space, you can keep you Poinsettia in a sunny area of your home, but for the 14 hour night time, cover it up with a paper shopping bag, and then just slip it off before going to work, to give the plant 8 hours of daylight.

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