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Potted Roses – Gorgeous Blooms

Potted Chihuly RosesIf you love roses, but just do not have the right spot to plant them in, why not go for potted roses to adore your deck, patio,  or any other place around your home.

My sister-in-law, in upstate New York, did just that.  She loves flowers, especially roses, but always had to go through tremendous effort to protect her plants from undesirable visitors, such as deer, woodchucks, squirrels, and others.

This year she outsmarted these nuisance animals, and decided to plant her Chihuly Roses in large pots on her deck and front porch.

She was kind enough to share with me, her pictures of these beauties, and I am showing them off to you, in case you are looking for some ideas.

Yellow Chihuly Rose plant

Yellow Chihuly Rose flower

Cream-Yellow rose, not only it is so delicate and beautiful, but also very fragrant.

Salmon Chihuly Rose plant Salmon Chihuly Rose flower

Don’t you agree that these are gorgeous,  and very healthy looking?

Not only the flowers are perfect, but the foliage is so vibrant green, without any blemishes, or imperfections.

If you grow roses in your garden, you know that it could be quite challenging to keep roses in such perfect condition, so I asked her to share some of her tips.

She informed me that she let them remain in their original containers, for a couple of weeks after purchasing these from a nursery.  After the two weeks, she replanted them into larger planters, leaving intact the original soil around the plants, and adding Miracle Gro soil which contains built-in fertilizer.  For additional nourishment she used liquid Miracle Gro.

Also, to protect her plants from infestation and disease, she applies Sevin powder and spray, per manufacturers directions.  Potted plants need to be watered daily, as the soil gets warm, and the water evaporates easily.

Best way to water is close to the roots, as not to get water on the leaves, to prevent formation of mold and mildew.  Preferred watering time is in the early morning, or after sun down, so the roots have a chance to absorb most of it, rather then losing it to evaporation.

I would like to ask you all to share your tips on gardening in pots, whether it is flowers, herbs or vegetables.

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