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What’s New In My Garden In July?

Red Canna Lily flowerJunes hot weather was not very kind to gardeners, or their gardens.  No matter how much I was watering my garden, it was back to desert conditions the next day.

The best time to water your garden is either early morning, if you have time, or after sun set.  Also, it is good to remember not to water your tomato plants from the top, but rather down by their roots, to prevent the growth of fungus, and other diseases.

I am always so amazed to see how much difference a light rain makes in my garden, in comparison to my daily watering.

So, let’s play  “show and tell” with what’s new in my garden in July:

Very special White Lilies

These gorgeous White Lily plants are very special, because last year after Easter, they were tossed out by their original owner, and offered to me, that is if I really wanted them.  They did not look like they had much life left in them, but that was more of a reason why I adopted these famished plants.  I watered them really well, and planted them the next day in my South-West side flower patch, to keep them warm and protected during the winter months. Only the two stronger ones looked like they accepted their new home last year.  However, I was pleasantly surprised this spring when they all came out, and bloomed so beautifully in late June.

Red Canna Lily Plant

This Red Canna Lily plant, and about 6 more of these throughout my flower patch, were given to me by my husband’s aunt, who loves tending to her flower and vegetable garden, and the fruits of her labor are definitely showing in her garden.  The tubers of these plants needed to be kept in a dry cool place (my basement) during winter, and I planted then in my garden in mid April.  These Lilies do not have much of a fragrance, but they have such luscious foliage, and a very interesting way to display their flowers.

Sweet peas plants Sweet peas

My granddaughter loves sweet peas, so this year I planted some in my garden.  It is so much fun to watch them grow, as they climb up and for support attach themselves to whatever stands in their way, in my case, the fence. I admire the way the peas sit in the pea pod, so tight together, and so orderly.  Looks delicious!

Green Beans

We love green beans,  so of course, I planted some of these in my garden as well, and here is my first crop of the season.  I can’t wait to steam some for dinner!

So, what’s new in your garden this time of the year?  Please share your comments.

TIP:  Planting your own vegetables not only saves you money, but also provides you with fresh, delicious, and pesticide free veggies.

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