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Special Blooms – European Seeds

Last year my sister sent me several different packets of flower seeds from Eastern Europe.

I already shared pictures of those that bloomed last year, but the mixed color Columbine took their time to grow, and this year I was pleasantly surprised by their gorgeous blooms.

Each bloom has several layers of petals,  making them nicely full, and at least two different colors on each flower.

Some are pink and white, purple and white, royal blue and white, and other are just white or royal blue.

These are very special to me, not just because of their beauty, but most of all because they came from my sister.

Here are some close up pictures of the different colors:

Royal blue and white,

Purple and white,


Pastel pink and white,


Royal blue, and slightly different petal shape.


Here they all are growing in a clump, as I seeded them this way last year.

Next year I plan to scatter them throughout my perennial garden, to provide more room for growth.

Aren’t they just stunning and perfect?

I love Spring and Summer… heard me say this numerous times….and will continue to hear it again, and again.

Please share your gardening stories.


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