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Another Birthday Party – Minnie Mouse Theme

The Minni Mouse Birthday CakeHow time flies!  It seems like only a few weeks ago, since we celebrated the First Birthday Party, and here we are, a year later, and a Second Birthday Party took place.

This year, the theme was Minnie Mouse, my granddaughter’s favorite character, thus a perfect theme for her party.

As always, her mommy outdid herself with food, decorations and favors.  There was a wonderful spread of appetizers, as well as a delicious meal.  Her love for arts and crafts, is sampled in the pictures below:

Minni Mouse Party Invitations

The Invitations

The party favors are ready Party favors for adults


Party favors for children and adults


Mimmi - same size as the Birthday Princess

Special guest

Party sandwiches for the youngest crowd Cheese and crackers for the Minni Mouse party theme


Some of the fun snacks for the youngest crowd


Edible vegetable Tree Potato smiley faces


“Vegetable Tree”          Smiley  Potato  Fries

What a fun way to serve veggies to the little ones.

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