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Spring Garden – New Additions

Pansy - 2012This year’s early, and quite warm spring, allowed extra time to spend in the garden.

Last fall I divided most of my perennials, to share with family and friends, so this spring I was very busy rearranging my east side flower patches.

I will share new pictures once all the plants get bigger, and begin to blossom.

My sister also loves gardening, and always surprises me with new seeds of popular European flowers.  I am anxiously awaiting this year’s flowers from those seeds, as one of them used to be my mom’s favorite.

Oh yes, there will be more pictures.

My daughter is quite a gardener as well, and this year she started a raised bed herb garden, which I will  share with you in future posts.

The new addition to my west side flower patch is a new flowering plant, called Anemone.

Anemones- hot pink and white 2012

Anemones are perennial plants, hence planted last fall, and are blooming since early May.

Anemones- hot pinkAnemones- white

This is a close up shot of the pink and white Anemone flowers, for your enjoyment of their beauty.

Aren’t they gorgeous?

spring garden 2012

I also added some Pink , White, and Yellow Tulips, to this year’s spring flower beds.

Pink Tulips 2012

Here is a close up of the Pink Tulip, slightly injured by an unexpected frost.

White Tulips - 2012

The White Tulips, my new addition as well, are just as gorgeous.  They have much fuller blooms than the regular tulips, and I totally adore them.

Yellow Tulips - 2012

The Deep Yellow Tulips are also amazingly beautiful.

Yellow and Purple Irises

Yellow Irises

These Irises are two years old now, and doing very well by producing larger and fuller blooms.

I hope you enjoyed the display of new additions to my spring garden.

Enjoy your gardening, and share your thoughts and pictures.

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