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Nutritious Salad Dressing – Magic Green Sauce Recipe

In the past post I mentioned a very nutritious Quinoa salad flavored with this Magic Green Sauce. 
I am providing a link to its origin, but will also post the ingredients and directions in this post, in case the link stops working at some point, and because I made some minor adjustments to suit my taste.

Roasted Peppers – Grilling Instructions

I used my “free” peppers in a stir fry, but my sister-in-law had an abundance of peppers, and decided to roast them on the grill.

It is a very simple and quick process

Lemon Basil Hummus – Vegetarian/Vegan Recipe

I used to always buy hummus, but now I prefer to make my own, since it requires very few simple ingredients, and only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

I grow my own garlic and basil, so my hummus is also very fresh, and very inexpensive to make.