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Zucchini Season – My Organic Garden

I planted four zucchini plants and four squash plants, but one of my zucchini plants is different from the rest. It has two tone leaves, and bears same kind of two tone zucchini, as you see in this picture.

Free Peppers – My Gardening Rewards

I already bragged about my free veggies from my garden, free potatoes and tomatoes. Today I will show you my FREE peppers. How cool is that?

Honestly, these peppers are a product of my veggie kitchen scraps which I save and bury in my garden, as part of composting to enrich the garden soil.

This Season’s Harvest Has Began

With all the frequent rain showers we experienced lately in our area, my garden is in its glory, and thriving.

If you love gardening, as I do, you will agree that no matter how much, and how often, you water your garden, it does not measure up to one good rain fall, and the plants just seem to grow in front of your eyes soon afterward.

This season’s harvest already began in my garden, and, with great pleasure, I was able to pick some baby red beets, dill, chives, summer squash, zucchini, green beans, and basil.