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Thomas The Train – Birthday Party Theme


Trains can be so much fun to watch in motion, but they also make a great birthday party theme for boys or girls.

My youngest granddaughter loves trains, so of course it was a perfect party theme for her 2nd birthday.

Today I will share several pictures from the different decorations her mom creatively put together for this party.

This was the entry decor where the cards, presents and Thank You favors were placed.  Thomas The Train balloon added the finishing touch to this display.

The fireplace area displayed all the birthday cards for the Birthday Girl…:-)

The Birthday Cupcakes became the wagons of the train elegantly displayed around the train tracks in this train station.  Little birthday hats were ready for the occasion.

Of course I had to share a close up of the cupcakes…they were so adorable…each holding a letter candle spelling out the special occasion.  It was lots of fun for the kids to help the birthday girl to blow them all out.

While the little ones enjoyed their cupcakes, the adults indulged in these yummy desserts.

This chocolate cake with mocha filling and dark chocolate ganache was decadent.  “Abuela”  made an awesome New York cheesecake topped off with fresh fruit arrangement, displaying the celebrated age of the Special Guest.

What a cleaver idea to use as balloon weights…there were many of these throughout the party area.

Isn’t this an awesome idea?  The Birthday Girl’s mom used foil tins as the train wagons, cut out paper wheels and attached them to the tins, made cute signs for each wagon holding delicious snacks for those little fingers.  The kids loved their little treats.

While the little fingers were dipping into the wagons for their snacks, the adults enjoyed chips, dips, veggies, cheese and crackers, Ukrainian Kovbasa – smoked pork sausage (accidentally cut off from this picture…sorry).

One of the main course selections was this absolutely delicious, and so healthy, Quinoa Salad with a special green sauce, prepared by the Mom of the Birthday Girl.   Yes I will share this recipe on my blog, once I make it myself…you all will love it!

I also must mention that the platter this salad was being served on, was handmade by the Birthday Girl’s mom.  She          created this design and drew it by hand, while visiting us for Thanksgiving.  Then had the platter fired in a kiln and glazed at a local ceramic craft shop.

This Water Tower was well used throughout the party….the “Diesel Fuel” was a fruit juice to flavor the water for the kiddies.  The adults had their own “diesel fuel” to enjoy……in a separate part of the bar.

Kids parties would be incomplete without special treats to take home, as Thank You favors from the Birthday Girl.

Here we have packets filled with wooden train model with paints to enjoy at home as a fun project.  As an additional treat, each child received this homemade Thomas The Train chocolate lollipop….I guess by this time I don’t have to tell you who made them….yes your guessed it…the crafty mom of the lucky birthday girl…:-)

Actually, I am equally lucky to have such hard working and talented daughters-in-law and my own daughter.  These girls go all out with creative preparations for their children’s birthday parties.

I have been posting all the birthday parties they prepared in the past, and you may check them out in this blog under the category “Children Birthday Party Themes”.


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