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Ukrainian Christmas – Swiss Style

One of my readers shared her experience of preparing for, and celebrating Ukrainian Christmas Eve while touring Switzerland during this Christmas season.

Ukrainians love their rich holiday traditions, especially for Christmas and  Easter.  There is so much symbolism involved in celebrating these holidays, making them very special.

I will share the pictures she shared with me, to show you how her family pulled together to prepare a simple, yet very traditional Ukrainian Christmas Eve meal, using the ingredients on  hand.

The language barrier created a slight challenge at the fish market, not being able to figure out what type of fish they selected ( they were hoping to find Orange Roughy, or Flounder).  Once they got home and found out it was an African Shark…..they had mixed feelings about preparing it.

A cute table decor, with Poinsettia and candles, to bring the feeling of Christmas at home, in the US.

In addition to baked, or fried fish, Ukrainians “must” have some type of a pickled fish, thus here the Rollmops of pickled herring.  I am not sure if these were purchased in the US, or Switzerland.

Here are the traditional foods for Christmas Ever meal:  fried fish, Ukrainian Christmas Borscht (red beet soup), Kutia, and mushroom gravy. Excellent job cooking as a tourist…..don’t you agree?

Now you are looking at a large casserole filled with vegetarian cabbage rolls (rice flavored with sauteed onions and mushrooms), since Ukrainian Christmas Eve meal is meatless.  They also made potato varenyky (pierogy), but failed not capture it in a photo….

I was told that they were not able to find green cabbage, the main ingredients to make Holubtsi (cabbage rolls), so they had to settle for Savoy Cabbage….I am sure the finished product was delicious.

The table was set, the food prepared, and Ukrainian Christmas celebration “Swiss” style, was ready to roll.

I am grateful to my traveling readers for sharing their story with pictures, so I could share the same with all of you.

Please share your story about “out of the ordinary” Christmas celebrations, you may have experienced in your life.

Thank you, and Merry Christmas!


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