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Ukrainian Easter Traditions – Paska Bread, Easter Basket, Easter Eggs (Pysanky)

Easter is just around the corner, so Ukrainians, as well other Eastern European bakers are scurrying around, looking for recipes to make that special Paska (Babka) bread, to be blessed and served for Easter Sunday brunch.

Everyone has their special recipe, or decorating method, for their Easter Bread.

Here are some of the posts I already prepared previously for your reading pleasure, as well as my favorite Paska recipe.

Here is my favorite recipe for Ukrainian Easter Bread – Paska. This link will take you to the recipe and technique of decorating Paska.

So, you have the Paska recipe, all ready to bake, but not sure about the pans to use for this project.


No worries.  This post will show you several different types of bakeware suitable for Paska baking.  Click on the link and you will see a larger selection of bakeware.

OK. Now you ask – How do you get this Paska ready for a blessing?

Very easy…I  have a post that tells you all about the Ukrainian Traditional Foods you need to include in your basket to be blessed and then consumed at your Easter Brunch.  Here again, click on the highlighted link to read all about it.

So, your Paska is ready, but you want some of those gorgeous Ukrainian Easter Eggs in your basket.  No problem.

These are the 12 steps that turn a plain white egg into a piece of art – Ukrainian Easter Egg.

Click on the link above, to visit that post, and learn how to make them.  You will be delightfully surprised at your own hidden talent. Not kidding!

You can take up this project on your own, or engage your whole family.  The above Pysanky were made by my children in their teenage years.  Sure, your young children can do it as well (with your supervision of course, as lit candles are used for heating the stylus filled with bee wax).

Also, I would suggest to use a hard-boiled egg for children under 6, to prevent losing the finished project to a “Humpty Dumpty” experience, and face long-lasting disappointment.  Believe me, I have been there…very heartbreaking.

Are you thinking why would anyone invest so much time in decorating an egg?

These eggs here are close to 90 years old now.  They were decorated by my great-aunt (and her children) who was our first family member to come to the US during the 1800s.

If it interests you, please click on the link above, and read the rest of the story.

I have wrapped the whole Ukrainian Easter Tradition in a nutshell, in this one post.

I hope you enjoyed it, enriched your knowledge, and will share it with others.

Happy Easter!!

Khystos Voskes!  Voistynu Voskres

Christ is Risen. Indeed He Is Risen.

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