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Dutch Oven Bread – Recipe #2

Few weeks ago I baked my first bread in the Dutch Oven, but used all-purpose unbleached white flour, mixed with some whole wheat flour.  The bread was very tasty, and spongy.

Today, I tried the same recipe, but with bread flour, and the results were amazing.

The bread dough was rising much more rapidly than my first one.  It was very spongy, and light, and the bread turned out even better than my first loaf.

I can’t believe there is such an easy way to make homemade bread.

I am definitely going to invest in a Dutch Oven of my own (waiting for a good sale), as this one is borrowed from my daughter.

Can you believe this loaf of bread costs only 81 cents….and that includes all the ingredients, and cost of the energy used to bake it.

Since I used the same recipe and same directions as in my previous post, I will not repeat them here, so just click on the link,  if you are ready to make some fresh bread for your family.


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