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Unsafe Toys for Kids

Toys, toys, toys, and more toys for kids.  We all love buying toys for our children and grandchildren.

There are so many to select from, to keep them fun, educational, and most of all SAFE.

Buying toys seems like an easy task, but it does require some research and common sense.

Today I will share another tip from, to put a bug in your ear, to keep in mind for your next toy shopping trip.

Today’s Tip: Avoid Unsafe Toys for Tots


Protect your baby’s health by forgoing plastic toys, which may contain PVC, lead, cadmium and other dangerous substances.


Only purchase toys made from upressed wood and organic fibers like cotton and hemp.


Children are at the highest risk of toxic poisoning, because their skin is so absorptive.

Plus, we all know how they love to chew.

Did you Know:

In the EU, soft plastic toys are banned from children under the age of THREE, because the phthalates (“softeners”) used, are highly toxic.

Please be a smart consumer and read the labels on the toys you are about to purchase.  Do additional research before making the final decision, to keep your babies safe and healthy.

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