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White Chocolate Vichyssoise with Chicken

White chocolate Vichyssoise with ChickenDid you ever hear other people absolutely rave over food, which you never had a chance to taste before, but always wanted to try it, to be able to form your own opinion?

Well, I found myself in such a situation, when I heard endless praises of the White Chocolate Vichyssoise with Chicken soup, and finally decided to give it a try.

After reading the recipe, it all sounded fairly compatible with my taste, with an exception of the addition of  White Chocolate.  But then again, I am not a big fan of glazed hams, or fruits mixed with meats, yet other people find them very appetizing.

My daughter obsesses over all kind of chocolate, so I decided this would be a perfect addition to a dinner I planned for her Birthday, and a great reason to finally try this recipe.

I followed the recipe precisely, and all looked and tasted fairly well, then the White Chocolate had to be added in, and that is when my disappointment began.

I did not give up hope yet, since I figured maybe it just isn’t my thing, and my family will enjoy it.  I was so wrong…..this soup was a “NO GO” even for my “chocoholic” daughter.  I was not disappointed, but rather relieved, because I finally tried the recipe, and I was not the only one who did not care for it at all.

I will spare you the same agony, and not print out this recipe (but I did share a picture), unless you absolutely love this kind of soup, in which case I am willing to do you a favor, and email you the recipe.

I only post recipes I tried, and liked, and recipes approved by my family and guests.

If you have a similar story about a recipe you heard so much about, and did not exactly fall for it yourself, please share it with all of us, just to make me feel better.  Thank you.

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