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Golden Autumn in New York

Autumn in New York State.jpgEven though Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons , early Fall also amazes me with the bounty of colorful foliage.

Recently my husband and I were driving through the mountains of New York state, and realized how much we miss the the Autumn season in that state.

Since my camera always travels with me, I have some pictures to share for your enjoyment.

Autumn in NY.jpg
Aren’t these colors just breathtaking?

Gorgeous nature in the rocks

I still wonder how anything can grow in a rock…

Autumn in NY 3.jpg

Another beautiful display of Fall colors.

Autumn in NY 4.jpg

Wouldn’t you just want to be in this gorgeous alley of natural beauty?

Autumn in NY 5.jpg

How about this, near and far, view of the mountain Fall foliage?

Beautiful sunset.jpg

Sunset stage 1

Beautiful sunset 2.jpg

Sunset stage 2

Beautiful sunset 3.jpg

And finally the radiant beauty of remaining sun rays playing with the slightly cloudy sky.

I think this kind of a red sky  is some sort of a warning sign for sailors, isn’t that correct?  If you remember that old saying, please chime in, and share with all of us.

I hope  you enjoyed these lovely scenes of the Autumn beauty in the mountainous region of New York State.

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