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Women And Retirement – Get Involved

I came across this article about women and retirement, so of course I had to read it, and then needed to vent a little.

It is still men’s world out there… women came a long way, but not far enough…yet!

I commend young ladies who value education, go on to college and become professionals, and are easily self supporting, if needed to, then also start families and continue the traditional life cycle.

It is not easy to be a woman these days, since besides having a full time professional job, she still has to be the glue that holds the family together, the organizer, the planner, the wife and mother, the cook, the chauffeur,  the teacher, and so on, and on, and on.

I know that more and more men share the household chores with their wives, but there still is the reality of the ever so famous quote “go ask Mom”, just to pass yet another responsibility to mom.

I really did not plan to talk about family life, but rather about women and finances. Even though women are very engaging in so many aspects of the daily routine, many of them are not interested enough in financial matters of the family.  Most women still feel that this is a job for their husband, and there is nothing wrong with that, until that husband is not there to carry on.

This scenario may happen sooner than any woman may dream of, since it could be spurred by various factors, such as a temporary employment assignment away from home and family, serious illness, separation or divorce, or even a premature death.

At any rate, life must go on, and the financial responsibility requires the woman’s involvement, thus one has to be ready to carry on.  Even if you think you would hire a professional to do it for you, your still should understand what is going on.  I can’t believe how many women out there are still not interested in knowing how to balance a checkbook, how to pay bills, who is their insurance carrier or investment broker, plus so many other things of this nature.

To prevent unnecessary stress and disaster, women should be equally involved with their husbands in financial planning and decision making process throughout their life, just to be ready in time of need.

I was always told that “it is good to know everything, but not always good to do everything”, and this could not be more true about finances and decision making.  Not that I totally practice what I preach, but I am trying to know and do as much as I am able to, so if life draws me a short straw, I am not stuck in such a situation.

There are so many websites on this topic, community colleges are always offering non–credit courses on various money matters, and what better way to learn than by sitting down with your husband while he is involved with this task on regular basis, and offer your assistance, thus learn by doing.

If you still are not convinced that you should get involved, please click on the highlighted words, to expand your knowledge on the subject of money and finances for women, and let me know if you found these posts helpful and encouraging.

Also, tell us that you decided to get more involved in your family’s finances and financial planning.

The same suggestion goes to the husbands, to encourage their wives to be involved in family financial management, rather than being distanced from it.

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