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Detox Yourself – The Fat Smash Diet

The Fat Smash Diet - bookAll the holiday parties are over, all the cookies and chocolates are gone, but unfortunately what stayed with me, and perhaps with you, are a few extra pounds (according to that darn bathroom scale), and a few inches in the waist line.

Oh well, at least we all had fun, and got carried away a bit, but it is all fixable with some determination and will power.  Here comes the dirty word…Diet…, and I am about to introduce you to a very relaxed way of getting back into shape, by learning to eat healthier and to keep your body moving.

Personally I don’t even like to think about being on a “diet”, since I am not one to count points, weigh my food, live on pre-measured and pre-packaged meals, or stick to high fat foods without any carbs, or indulge on some sort of a cabbage soup, etc.  I have heard about all of these from my family and friends, who experienced all of the above, and yes, some were quite successful, but it’s just not for me. I also am not a “gym rat”, but I do enjoy swimming and walking (mostly walking, since it is the easiest thing to do anywhere ,even at the mall while shopping…).  Does lifting and carrying around my 25 lbs. granddaughter count as “weight lifting”??..if so then I do that on a very regular basis, with love I must add.

A couple of years ago, a co-worker told me about the Fat Smash Diet book, written by Dr. Ian K. Smith.   I looked through her copy, and liked what I learned, so I bought my own copy (it was only $12.95, unless you select the newer version which offers a larger selection of recipes), and decided to give it a try.

The Fat Smash Diet is about smashing the bad habits, and learning the principles of healthy eating, plus physical activity to maintain a healthy life.

This program consists of 4 phases, and there is a list of suggested foods for each phase, as well as a list of foods to avoid during a particular phase.  Each phase continues with the same foods from the original list, plus a gradual introduction of additional foods.

I am beginning my Phase One, on Monday, February 1st (after a weekend, of course), and if you would like to get this book and familiarize yourself with it, and join me (misery loves company…it’s not really misery… it’s actually fun, but more fun with a fan club), that would be great.

Either way, I will post the list of suggested and excluded foods for each phase, so you can be creative with incorporating these into your menu planning.  Believe me, there are lots of choices, many more that I normally would need to stay satisfied.

It is suggested to have 4-5 meals per day, in moderate portions of course, and at least two snacks.  So wouldn’t you agree that there is no way to be overly hungry, and better yet, you eat the foods you are use to.

However, as with any changes you plan to make to your system, you might want to consult with your physician, and do not give up those daily vitamins.

These are the Four Phases:

Phase OneDetox –  9 days.  It cleanses your body of all the toxins you filled it up with, until now.  It is
much more pleasant than it sounds.  I love the fruit and yogurt smoothies!

Phase Two Foundation3 weeks.  You still continue with the foods in phase one, plus
you begin to add few additional ones.   Most of these foods were already part of your
diet, but now you are learning how to make healthier choices.

Phase Three Construction 4 weeks.  Here again you continue with foods from previous phases
and introduce some additional ones.

Phase FourThe Templelesson for LIFE.  Now that you have learned all the basics, all you have to do
is to apply your knowledge , enjoy your food in moderation, and keep your body moving.

Throughout all the phases, you are required to stay physically active, and the book lists several  exercise suggestions for you, but all I was doing daily, was walking briskly 10 minutes during my lunch time, plus at least 45 minutes after work, plus making 3-4 rounds of stair climbing at home in the evening…no biggie, and quite doable.  If you already have your own daily exercise routine, that might work for you as well.

During the 90 day period, my body felt so much better, I lost 15 pounds, and brown rice and I became best friends for life.

I have slacked off during the past year, so of course, I gained back few of those pounds, but am still ahead, so it’s time again to practice what I preach.  If your goal is greater than mine, have no fear, you can easily achieve it by increasing your daily exercise routine, and sticking to your routine and schedule.

I would love to know how many of you plan to join me on this mission.  The more the merrier!!

In my next post I will provide you with the food list for Phase One, in case you did not get a chance to buy the book, or you are not ready to join me at this time.

Tip: On my first day of this program, I weigh myself very early in the morning, just before jumping in the shower.  It gives me a good start, and it’s a motivating factor for me. After that, I try to check my weight every Monday morning.

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