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Colorful Veggies in our Garden





Gardening is such a relaxing and rewarding hobby.  It gets you out of the house, into fresh air surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Best of all, you are rewarded with fresh, organic veggies throughout the season, and especially at harvest time.

Today, I will share some of the colorful veggies my daughter was growing in her square foot garden patches.

These are green beans, yellow beans, and purple beans.  This is my first time experiencing purple beans.  They did not taste any different than the yellow or green beans, and unfortunately lost lots of its color during cooking.

Here are multi-color carrots.  She planted orange, yellow, white, and red carrots.

After peeling off the thin skin layer, the yellow carrot stayed yellow, white was still white, but the red one turned out to be regular carrot orange….go figure.

There was no difference in taste between the different colors, but they did look very interesting on a serving platter.


Did you hear of chocolate tomatoes?  That is what these are.  They have a slightly brown tone to them on the outside and on the inside.

Because of the tinted coloring, they do not look as appetizing as the regular red or yellow ones.

They do not taste like chocolate, but are sweeter than regular tomatoes, and leave a gentler after taste.

I personally liked them a lot.

Did you experiment with some nontraditional veggies, and would like share your experience.

We all are very anxious to hear about it.


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