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Amazing Paths

If you like to travel, you will agree that some of the places you visit are totally amazing, and breathtaking.

Someone emailed me several really unbelievable pictures of very interesting roadways, which I would like to share with you.

I do not know who the photographer is, and where these pictures were taken, but they are awesome.


I traveled on a similar road in New York State, but not as extreme as this one.

How about this one?  I wonder what speed limit is on this road?

Hopefully the travelers on this road don’t suffer from motion sickness, and don’t know about snow, or black ice.

Speaking of snow….hopefully this one takes its time thawing very slowly.

I am almost certain they do not need any speed bumps on this road.  This civil engineer might have been very creative, but totally not practical.

To travel this road I would definitely have my breaks checked regularly, and an engine with more than 6 cylinders.

This one looks more like a hiking trail…judging by the gutsy pedestrians here and there.

So, what do you think?  Did you enjoy these photos?

If you traveled on some unusual roads, I would like to ask you to share some of your amazing pictures.

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