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Autumn Blooms in My Garden


Autumn is in a full swing already, so my flower and vegetable garden changes with the season as well.  Lots of my vegetables are done, and many of the summer flowers stopped blooming, however there are many beautiful fall flowers still sparkling in my Fall Garden.


This Hydrangea used to be a beautiful royal blue color at the beginning of the Summer, then it slowly changed to the purple pink, and now it is beginning to change to light brown and eventually become a dry flower for Winter.

I love the color of these roses.  They were supposed to have been the dwarf variety, but they sure don’t have that look now…:-)…I love them anyway.

The red roses are in full bloom again this year, even though they shed most of their leaves, but grew some new ones.

Above are all my Mums varieties in their full bloom, but with all the rain we have been getting lately, they will soon be fading and losing its bountiful flowering crowns.

Here again, these Marigolds usually are no more than 8 inches tall.  They must have loved their new location, since the plant is about 24 inches tall and about 30 inches in diameter….HUGE!

I planted several Dahlias this year, but unfortunately my pink and orange ones never bloomed. I still don’t know why that happened, but I enjoyed the ones that did.  My yellow Dahlia is done for the season, but the red one and the curly one still produced their last blooms.

Dahlia, like Canna Lilly adds such beauty to the flower garden, but their tubers (roots….bulbs) have to be dug up after the first frost and stored in a dry, cool place for the Winter, then planted again in Spring for the new season.

This Summer Aster plant is a perennial, and the whole bush fills up with flowers in late Summer and keeps on blooming until first frost.

The Snapdragon is an interesting plant as well.  It is an annual plant, however some of the plants become hardy and stay dormant over Winter, then come back to life late Spring and continue to bloom on and off throughout the Summer and Fall.

This Spider Flower is another surprise for me this season, since it reseeded itself from a summer plant, and produced this fantastic bloom for the Fall season.  In the background you can see a Canna Lily still getting ready to bloom…late bloomer I would say.  I guess it did not care for the shade it had during the summer, created by the Obedient Plant and Siberian Iris growing right behind it.

This perennial Salvia with its dainty white flowers looks wonderful in front of my much taller red rose bush.

These are Winter Pansies which I just planted couple of weeks ago.  They look very dainty, but they actually survive the Winter and bloom again in early Spring.  They will look lovely in Spring with my royal blue Grape Hyacinths next to them.  I also planted lots of Tulip bulbs in this flower bed by the front entry to my house, so am really looking forward to Spring to enjoy their vibrant colors.


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