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Farewell To My Summer Garden

Summer has been technically over several weeks ago, but in my garden, summer is just coming to an end.

Fewer flowers are opening up, more and more plants are drying off, and my vegetable garden is not producing new crops…just letting the remaining ones to complete its cycle.

We had few very cold nights already, but today was a gorgeous day; so with the help of my camera, I captured the remaining beauties in my garden.

Happy Valentine’s Day -Know Your Roses

We are familiar with the expression that “Diamonds are woman’s best friend”, but I think roses also fall in the same category.

If you are thinking of buying roses, Red seems to be the most popular color for Valentine’s Day, however for other occasions you may want to select a different color.

I would like to expand your horizons about the different colors of roses and their symbolism. So next time you are shopping for these beauties, you might want to think twice about the color you want to purchase.